LATINA 2015- Cape Town

Today marks the LATINA course in Cape Town, South Africa.

This year LATINA course is looking at E-learning.

Components include:




It is quite exciting.


Traditional Music Instruments (Uganda)

Topic that is poorly covered:

Ugandan instruments:
http://www.musicugSample of traditional

Digital Technologies

Today, I have had a nice experience at OUC-LATINA LAB. I created a gmail account, a blog and ofcourse this post. This is an exciting learning experience for me and others at the Summer School 2009 in Oslo.

Multilingual Learning and Teaching

I found out that the Luganda Wikipedia is still under construction without articles. See link below:

Music Video

Digital Story telling

Today I learnt how to create digital stories. My project was ‘Diversity in daily life’.
I chose Diversity in footwear. I went out to collect pictures for my story. I then created a video which I have uploaded to YouTube
You can view this video at:

Change in Teaching and Learning

At Makerere University, the library is moving away from the traditional way of doing thing to a modern library. We have improved facilities thanks to our development partners.
Facilities available:
-Discussion rooms on the Ground floor of the New Library Building.
-Multimedia center-number of PCs has greatly increased.
-Electronic databases which are accessed at the campus.
-Seminar rooms-make presentations
-Silence still observed in the other areas of the library
-Library users still consult librarians about the OPAC and Electronic resources.
-Lots of books b’se lecturers always insist on scholarly publications for students. For each coursework atleast 8 references are required.
-Individual visits to the library